about me.-

Who I am.-

i am a very passionate person who loves digital media. I have experience with illustration, design, photography, video and programming. I believe these elements, individually or combined, are necessary to successfully deliver an idea, offer a service and/or sell a product in today's new media

My goal is to combine technology and design to create accessible, attractive and efficient digital media that commits to the specific goals of each one of my clients

My philosophy is: every client is my only client"

What do I do.-

I offer my services to individuals or small-to-medium size businesses that require digital communication through graphic design, web design, web hosting, photography and/or video. I can work as a freelance and / or as a part or full time sub-contractor

what backs me up.-

8 years of experience as a freelance providing services to individuals and small-to-medium businesses in communication and digital media

My skills:
photoshop cs5, illustrator cs5, premiere cs5, dreamweaver cs5, after effects cs5, flash cs5, css3, html5, joomla 1.6, wordPress, film, photography and basic knowledge of javaScript, php and mySQL

My internship:
Dallas Museum of Art. Educational Department: Projects: Latin America, Africa, 20th Century

My spare time.-

My family, yoga, zumba, pilates, feng shui, lynda.com, adobe, b&h, dsvc, CrossFit, gluten free, tennis & volleyball

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