Web design & development.-

Having a website, a blog or a social network has became a "must have" now-a-days. If you don't know how to start or if you are too busy with other responsibilities, contact me. I can spread your ideas through the web while you focus on other things!

Melisa Ambers Blog


Tailored design

  • Self-hosted blog
  • Personalized styles (fonts, colors and graphics)
  • Facility of posting articles, receive comments, approve comments & edit the complete site through a very friendly interface. It is spam protected.
 Dr Stone website and blog

Website and blog

Video testimonials and interviews based

  • Professional look - self-hosted blog and website
  • Personalized styles (fonts, colors and graphics)
  • Besides the word-press blog, this website is based on video-testimonials and interviews. The success stories were post-produced adding animated logo and music. The videos are hosted privately and are cross-platform friendly including i-pad and iphone (no flash movie)
Asami Robledo

Portfolios website

Preparing to College @ asami.me

  • Asami tells her story on the Internet with .ME, the Top-Level Domain that's all about you, your product, your world!
  • Asami makes available to Colleges her recruiting videos and her portfolios art online in a very creative way

.-Check it out!

webGroupUSA - subcontractor

Looking for just the design?

  • Anything from traditional to grunge
  • I will design and style your site according to your visual preferences
  • Clean and understandable coding because I do both
  • I can work as a subcontractor doing any part of the website
Blackhawks Volleyball Club

Dynamic website

Control Management System

  • The client has the power of editing the content of the website from desktop or iphone
  • All the design was customized according to client preferences
  • Joomla based, hand-coded
  • Wordpress sub-section for teams website
  • Facebook Badged automatically feeded
  • Self-hosted
 Dr Stone website and blog

Dynamic website

Control Management System

  • Totally Customized website including graphics, video and photography
  • Blog based front page that changes dynamically
  • News rotator, image slider, unique styles, google maps integration, newsletter subscribe, marketing campaigns, banners advertisement with tracking, event registration, payment off and on-line accepted, search facility and friends online count

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